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Who Is Iam Tongi from American Idol Season 21’s Rising Stars?



American Idol is an entertaining singing reality show that has delighted viewers for years. Season 21 recently began and has already seen an increase in viewership due to all the talented singers who auditioned this year – one such talented singer being Iam Tongi who has already made an impressionful audition performance and we will delve into all aspects of his background and performance in this article.

Iam Tongi

Who Is Iam Tongi? Its Iam Tongi, 18, hails from Hawaii. Since his stunning audition performance on American Idol Season 21 — garnering over 11 Million YouTube views — he has become a social media phenomenon. While still in high school and mourning his recently deceased father’s passing despite these challenges – Iam has demonstrated incredible singing talent through social media platforms like American Idol.

Iam Tongi’s Audition Performance

Iam Tongi

Iam Tongi

Tongi delivered one of the most stunning audition performances ever seen on American Idol. His rendition of Monsters by James Blunt left all four judges speechless; Katy Perry said it was “What an excellent choice of song to choose,” Luke Bryan raved “Your voice is just incredible,” while Lionel Richie applauded with praise saying he has an amazing voice and was brilliant as always.

Iam Tongi’s Journey on American Idol

Iam Tongi

Iam Tongi

After his outstanding audition performance for season 21, Tongi is ready to showcase his incredible talent once more during Hollywood Week and aim for selection in the Top 24. Fans have taken notice, making Tongi an important subject of discussion around this show.


American Idol Season 21 has introduced viewers to many talented singers, with Iam Tongi being one of the standouts. His audition performance wowed both judges and fans, leaving many stunned at its beauty. Fans eagerly anticipate what Iam has in store for them on American Idol – his journey just beginning and we can only hope he becomes an iconic name in music soon enough!

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