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Who Is Jason Agron? Meet Dianna Agron’s Family And More




Actress Dianna Agron

All You Need to Know about Dianna Agron

Dianna Agron, an American singer, dancer, and actress was born in Savannah, Georgia on April 30th 1986 to Mary Agron (a seamstress), and Ronald Agron (former general manager of Hyatt Hotels). Growing up in a center elegance own circle of relatives in Savannah earlier than later moving to Texas then San Francisco California; Agron has made multiple film and TV show appearances including her memorable role as Quinn Fabray on GLEE (which ran from 2009-15) as head cheerleader Quinn also pursued music career by releasing debut album and appearing in music videos of various artists

The Agron Family

Diana's Family

Dianna’s Family

Dianna Agron’s brother Jason was raised in San Francisco and now holds a successful photography career. After briefly venturing into acting roles (though short lived), Jason now enjoys living a quiet and sedate life. Both Dianna and Jason attended Hebrew school while Dianna’s father suffered from Multiple Sclerosis when she was 15, leading them both to separate. However, Dianna remains supported and loved by both sides of her family throughout her life – playing an invaluable role both professionally and personally.

Our Accomplishments and Awards

Diana's Awards

Dianna’s Awards

Dianna Agron has won multiple prestigious awards over her distinguished acting career – most notably Glee and various films and TV shows for which she made memorable roles; including winning the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy Series for Glee.




Dianna Agron remains committed to her religion despite encountering racism and bullying; in 2016, she even visited Israel to study it further. Overall, Agron’s family have provided unwavering love, motivation, and support throughout her life and career journey.

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