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Who Is Jock Zonfrillo Wife Lauren Fried? Master Chef Australia judge dies aged 46 | Latest Updates



Who Is Jock Zonfrillo Wife Lauren Fried

After hearing of Jock Zonfrillo’s tragic passing, many members of the public were stunned and left feeling bereft. Many turned to online search engines in order to learn about him and his personal and family life. We aim to give all the answers they seek about Jock Zonfrillo and his family; additionally we will look into his love life before meeting Lauren Fried and learn more about Jock’s life journey.

Who is Jock Zonfrillo’s Wife, Lauren Fried?

Who is Jock Zonfrillo's Wife, Lauren Fried? | Gossipheadlines

Jock Zonfrillo, an Australian chef and television host born August 4, 1976. Along with Andy Allen and Melissa Leong, he co-founded and judged MasterChef Australia as its founders and judges. Though Jock himself hails from Glasgow, his father hails from Scauri in Italy while his mother’s family hail from Dalmellington Ayrshire in Scotland; at Belmont Academy Ayr he received his education.

Who Is Jock Zonfrillo Wife Lauren Fried | Gossipheadlines

Jock Zonfrillo married Lauren Fried on January 1st 2017, three years after meeting on Twitter in October 2014. They first made contact via social media on October 18, 2014 – two months early and at just 1.2 kg! Soon thereafter in October 2020 they welcomed another son. Finally in March 2021 due to pandemic concerns Carlton restaurants closed & the family relocated to Melbourne; at which point Zonfrillo’s restaurants also closed.

Who Is Jock Zonfrillo Wife Lauren Fried | Gossipheadlines

Jock Zonfrillo was a loving husband and father before his passing in May 2023. Lauren Fried and their two children (Alfie aged 6 years and Isla aged two years) survived him; furthermore Jock also had two teenage daughters from previous relationships – Ava and Sophia respectively.

How I Found Love with Lauren Fried

How I Found Love with Lauren Fried | Gossipheadlines

Jock Zonfrillo was forthcoming about his past drug use and how the long hours and intense culture of hospitality work negatively impacted his relationships. But, despite all these challenges, he fell deeply in love with Lauren Fried despite all this and on January 1, 2017 they announced their engagement.

A Tragic Passing

Jock Zonfrillo passed away unexpectedly at 46 in Melbourne on April 30, 2023 for reasons currently unknown to authorities; there was no indication of any illegal acts leading to his demise; they are preparing a report for coroner review.

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