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Who Is Meghann Fahy Husband? Is She Dating “Leo Woodall” ?



As important as food and water are for human survival, love plays an equally essential role in making life easier and better. Love has the ability to transform us from timid people into courageous fighters; it brings joy, happiness and fulfillment – making choosing our ideal partner all-important for our happiness in life – but selecting an unsuitable one could spell disaster – leading to numerous break-ups or hook-ups today.

Who Is Meghann Fahy’s Husband?


Meghann Fahy’s Husband

People often become intrigued with the romantic lives of popular personalities, like Meghann Fahy. Searches related to her romantic life and potential partners often top web search lists; so here we provide more details of Meghann’s romantic affairs. Meghann is best known as one of the stars from Freeform series “The Bold Type“.

Is Meghann Fahy Dating Someone?

Meghann'S Husband

Meghann Fahy Dating

Fahy has appeared in multiple movies and television shows, such as “Chicago Fire” and “Gossip Girl”. Her romantic life has long been the subject of speculation among her followers, so we will discuss both her current relationship status and dating history in detail. If you are one of her true fans, you probably already know she married Billy Magnussen; Magnussen himself is an accomplished American actor famous for roles such as Game Night and “Into the Woods”.

Who is Meghann Fahy’s Boyfriend?



Magnussen and Fahy tied the knot in April 2018 during a private ceremony attended by close family and friends. According to reports, Magnussen began dating Fahy in 2017 and became engaged the same year; however, Fahy has also been speculated to be dating Leo Woodall, her co-star on “The White Lotus”. Reports claim they have been seen together several times during production shoots of “The White Lotus”, leading some people to speculate they might be romantically involved – although Fahy has repeatedly denied such speculation and insists she and Woodall remain just friends.

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