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Who Is Nigar Johar Husband? Family Of Pakistan’s Lieutenant General



Nigar Johar Husband

Nigar Johar Husband

General Nigar Johar’s Life and Husband

General Nigar Johar has recently made headlines as people become curious about her life and husband, especially. This article seeks to provide all necessary details regarding her career, family life and marital situation

Who Is General Nigar Johar’s Husband?

Nigar Johar Husband

Nigar Johar Husband

Before delving further into General Nigar Johar’s husband, let’s first gain more information about her. Nigar Johar Khan is a three-star general from Pakistani Army’s Medical Corps; she holds distinction as being only female LRGM to have held this rank within its history; also part of this corps was serving as colonel commandant and surgeon general respectively for all Pakistan Army units. Shahida Badsha, Shahida Malik, Shehla Baqai Abeera Chaudhry & Shazia Nisar are among others who also hold such distinction.

General Nigar Johar was featured in an Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) film honoring female members of Pakistan Armed Forces in 2015.

Nigar Johar Husband

At that time, she was serving as deputy commandant at Combined Military Hospital (CMH), Rawalpindi. During the video clip she declared with great pride: “Pakistan is my country of birth and raised here – out of all Muslim and developing countries considered, this nation alone has ever produced female general officers – no other has.”

Now, let’s focus on General Nigar Johar’s husband. His name was Johar Ali Khan and unfortunately passed away after battling cancer in 2019. Actor Bilal Ashraf played him in an excellent 105-minute television movie which was highly appreciated by fans.

Nigar Johar Husband

Unfortunately after Johar Ali Khan passed away, both his parents perished in an accident leaving everyone devastated; her niece then retold General Nigar Johar’s life story leading up to her passing and leading further sorrow and sadness for those who followed this inspiring General throughout her career!

General Nigar Johar shares an extraordinary bond with her husband, General Avtar Johar – something which helps normalize what can often appear awkward between military couples as seen on television.

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