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Who Is Pradeep Kurulkar? DRDO Scientist Arrested In Pune for having contacts with ISI | Today Updates



Pradeep Kurulkar, a senior scientist from the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) laboratory in Bangalore, was arrested for providing security-sensitive information to Pakistan. This news caused widespread outrage among Indians for his perceived betrayal. To find out more, continue reading.

Know About Pradeep Kurulkar?

Know About Pradeep Kurulkar? | Gossipheadlines

Parchet Kurulkar is a 59-year-old scientist renowned for his design and development of missile launchers, advanced robotics, military engineering equipment and military launchers for the Defence Research & Development Organization since 1988 at CVRDE Avadi in Avadi. In Pune in June 2009 he was arrested on allegations that he provided security-sensitive data to Pakistan intelligence agents through spying activities and leakage of information.

Pradeep Kurulkar Allegedly Arrested for Antitrust Studies Allegations

Pradeep Kurulkar Allegedly Arrested for Antitrust Studies Allegations | Gossipheadlines

Pradeep Kurulkar of DRDO was in contact with an agent of Pakistan Intelligence Operative via WhatsApp and video calls, according to an ATS officer who confirmed this information against Kurulkar and stated it was likely a honeytrap operation.

Although aware that his secrets could threaten India if leaked abroad, Kurulkar still reportedly gave details to their agent without considering possible risks to India; an ATS release stated “By misusing his position, this scientist provided information to an enemy country.”

Pradeep Kurulkar’s Background and Achievements

Pradeep Kurulkar’s Background and Achievements | Gossiphedlines

Pradeep Kurulkar earned a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with first division from COEP Pune in 1985, later enrolling at IIT Kanpur to study advanced Power Electronics coursework with emphasis on Drives and applications. At IIT-Kanpur, he honed his expertise in military engineering gear, cutting-edge robotics, designing missile launchers and developing mobile unmanned systems for military applications.

Kurulkar made a significant impactful contribution to the design, development and delivery of military engineering systems and equipment as a team leader and lead designer. Some of his notable works included Prahar, QRSAM and XRSAM missile launchers; hyperbaric chamber, high pressure pneumatic and mobile power supply systems; Program AD MRSAM Nirbhay subsonic cruise missile launchers were just some examples.

Further Details on Pradeep Kurulkar’s Arrest

Further Details on Pradeep Kurulkar’s Arrest | Gossipheadlines

Pradeep Kurulkar was recently ordered held in ATS custody until May 9 by SR Navander court of special judges, after court appearance he was taken back to Pune’s ATS office for further investigation and found to have had contact with Pakistan intelligence agents through social media and WhatsApp, providing information regarding a honeytrap located there.

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