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Who Is Yllana Marie Aduana? Winner Miss Philippines Earth 2023 | Today Updates



Who Is Yllana Marie Aduana

Miss Philippines Earth 2023: Laguna Bet Yllana Marie Aduana Crowned Winner

After months of speculation and anticipation, Miss Philippines Earth 2023 has finally been named. Laguna Bet Yllana Marie Aduana emerged victorious – news which sent shockwaves through social media and made her an overnight sensation that is talked about everywhere.

Who is Laguna Bet Yllana Marie Aduana?

Who is Laguna Bet Yllana Marie Aduana? | Gossipheadlines

Laguna Bet Yllana Marie Aduana was recently crowned Miss Philippines Earth 2023 at her coronation night held on Saturday in Toledo City, Cebu. Now trending online, this article provides every detail from her personal life to winning moment and professional life of this trending persona.

The Winning Moment

The Winning Moment | Gossipheadlines

Laguna bested 28 other contestants to capture The Winning Moment title, following three hours of fierce battle that concluded when she received her crown. At various points during the pageant, Laguna was asked about food and water security and gave an impressive response that ultimately propelled her win.

Miss Philippines Earth 2023 Winners

Miss Philippines Earth 2023 Winners | Gossipheadlines

Other contestants were honored as well. Kerri Reily from Mangatarem, Pangasinan was named Miss Philippines Air 2023 while Jemimah Joy Zabala of Puerto Princesa took home Miss Philippines Water 2023. Sha’uri Livori from Melbourne won Miss Philippines Fire 2023 while Athena Auxillo from Toledo City received the title of Miss Philippines Eco Tourism 2023.

The Responsibility

Laguna now faces an immense responsibility in terms of fulfilling her duties as Miss Philippines Earth 2023. With this platform at her disposal, Laguna can now express her thoughts on matters related to safety, water security and food security – no doubt she will do an exceptional job in fulfilling these roles!


Laguna’s latest success has made her famous, and people are sending her all kinds of good wishes and love. Being the most talked-about person across multiple social media platforms, Laguna has everyone eager to know more about her – both from her personal life as well as professional. This article has provided all sorts of details from personal to professional lives of Laguna.

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