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Who Was Helena De Grammont Esposa Juarez Soares? | Latest Updates



Helena De Grammont Esposa Juarez Soares

Helena De Grammont Esposa Juarez Soares

Helena De Grammont was one of the best-known journalists and politicians in Brazil; Helena Soares being her husband. Helena passed away recently at age 74 leaving an emptiness in Brazilian journalism industry where she was well known.

Helena De Grammont’s Professional Career

Who Was Helena De Grammont Esposa Juarez Soares?

Helena De Grammont began her professional journey as a bank clerk, later discovering a passion for journalism and becoming a journalist herself. Helena worked at TV Globo for over thirty years as part of Fantastico newspaper; providing great coverage while greatly contributing to journalism itself.

Helena Soares was an accomplished journalist with over 10 years of experience. While many know her as Juarez Soares’ wife, Helena also had her own identity aside from being known for being his spouse.

Helena’s Family Life

Helena and Juarez had three children together; however, their names remain unknown and very little information regarding them can be found online or in media coverage. Furthermore, according to some sources Helena had three offspring from both marriages as well.

Why Did Helena De Grammont Pass Away?

Why Did Helena De Grammont Pass Away?

Helena De Grammont passed away at age 74 and Lili de Grammont shared the news of her passing with family and friends on social media. Although no exact cause of her demise has been released publicly due to privacy considerations, speculation suggests it could have been illness related as Helena was diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s at 58. Tributes and condolence messages continue to pour in over social media in memory of Helena De Grammont.

On April 28, she will be laid to rest at Jardim Avelino followed by cremation at Vila Alpina on the same day. Helena De Grammont was an esteemed journalist within Brazil’s journalism industry, and her loss will be felt deeply by many. Helena will always be remembered fondly for her contributions to journalism as well as her place within Brazilian media landscape.

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