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Who was Maureen Breau? How Did Quebec Police Officer Killed



Maureen Breau was a Quebec Provincial Police officer who was tragically killed while performing her duties on March 27, 2023. A 20-year veteran, mother to two children and loyal friend and colleague. While serving an arrest warrant in Louiseville, Que. she was attacked while serving the warrant resulting in multiple stab wounds before later succumbing to them in hospital – her death sparking widespread grief across Canada.

Maureen Breau Early life and career


Maureen Breau was born April 2, 1981. In 2003 she joined the Surete du Quebec (SQ), assigned to Municipalite Regionale de Comte de Maskinonge and spent most of her time patrolling or supervising patrol teams; known for her spontaneity, authenticity, and energy she worked tirelessly at keeping public safe.

Family and Personal Life in Singapore

Funeral Maureen Breau

Maureen Breau was married to Daniel Sanscartier, also a provincial police officer. They shared two children – Kheraly and Emrick – whom she held dearly as pride of place. As a mother she gracefully balanced family life with work obligations; also making many friends including Sergeant Veronique Nadeau who often described Breau as her sister whom brought people together.

Maureen Breau died while working an overtime shift at Louiseville, Que., 100 kilometers northeast of Montreal. Upon responding, she was attacked by a 35-year-old suspect – his identity remains unknown – who stabbed her multiple times; she was taken to hospital but succumbed shortly thereafter due to her injuries; other officers eventually arrived and shot and killed the perpetrator as they did so.

Death and funeral


Her death sent shockwaves through Quebec and across North America, as she became the first female SQ officer killed on duty. On April 13th 2023, thousands of police officers and first responders from all across North America came together in Trois-Rivieres for her funeral mass on April 13, draped with Quebec flag. Eight officers carried her casket into church draped with this banner before placing it atop eight chairs in church as husband, children and other close family laid bouquets at its entrance.

Painchaud, president of the provincial police association, described Breau’s death as an unthinkable tragedy and that she left an “indelible mark” on her community, calling her our hero and vowing that we would not forget her. Johanne Beausoleil, head of provincial police force said her loss served as a stark reminder of all the dangers officers are exposed to “in a world that becomes ever more complex“.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Maureen Breau

Q. When and Where Was Maureen Breau Born?

A. Maureen Breau was born April 2nd 1981.

Q. How long did she work for SQ?

A. She began working at SQ in 2003 and spent 20 years there.

Q. Where did she work?

A. She worked at the Municipalite Regionale de Comte de Maskinonge.

Q. Who were her family members?

A. Daniel Sanscartier was also a provincial police officer; they shared two children together: Kheraly and Emrick.

Q. How did she die?

A. She was stabbed while serving an arrest warrant in Louiseville, Quebec on March 27, 2023 and died later that day at a Montreal hospital.

Q. Who Killed Her?

A. 35-year-old suspect, who remains unknown to us, stabbed the woman before being shot dead by other officers.

Q. Where and When was her Funeral Held?

A. Her funeral took place on April 13th 2023 at Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-du-Cap church in Trois Rivieres, Que.

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