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Who was Owen Abbott? Boy from Owen Middle School died in school bus crash



Who was Owen Abbott?

Who was Owen Abbott?

Indiana Student Owen Abbott Died In A Crash This Week

On Wednesday, Owen Abbott of Indiana Middle School was killed during a bus accident while traveling to his Christmas musical. This tragic event marked one of three fatal crashes involving school buses this week across America.

Indiana State Police reported that a truck struck from behind hit USI 31 near Argos at 9 am; shortly afterwards Abbott seated in the rear died due to his injuries; one student was airlifted directly to hospital while other were taken for pain treatment in various hospitals nearby.

The bus was carrying 38 eighth-graders and three chaperones to Warsaw’s Christmas Musical when an accident happened on USI 31 near Argos caused by a truck which rear-ended it from behind.9

Both vehicles underwent toxicology tests required by law in fatal accidents; neither driver submitted to them themselves as per policy in fatal crashes; and police do not believe weather to have played any role in this particular crash; further details are not currently available at this time.

Two additional fatal school bus crashes took place within the same week in Illinois and Arkansas. A truck driving the wrong way collided with a school bus carrying a girl’s basketball team in Illinois, killing two men while injuring eight girls and another adult male passenger on board the school bus; similarly, in Arkansas a charter bus transporting youth all-star football team overturned killing one child and injuring 45, mostly children; toxicology tests are currently pending for both drivers involved in Indiana accident.

GoFundMe accounts have been established in Abbott’s parents’ honor to assist with expenses associated with his death, according to police claims that another tragedy involving school buses should serve as a warning for drivers on northern Indiana roads to remain cautious while traveling.

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