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Who was Trent Stewart? Stetson Football Player Dies in Car Accident [ Latest News ]



Trent Stewart

Trent Stewart

Trent Stewart from Stetson Football Died in Car Accident

As we mourn yet another fatal car accident, many are curious as to its details and who died. News sources are reporting that Trent Stewart, a football player at Stetson University passed away due to a fatal car accident on May 9th 2023.

Trent Stewart dies in car accident

Trent Stewart dies in car accident

Trent was a defensive line player at Stetson University and played football for their college. News of his death has left many in shock, especially those within football community who mourn their talented player and great teammate. Hatter’s Coach Brian Young expressed his condolences by writing on Facebook: “Today is undoubtedly a sad day for Stetson football family; many wish to know more about what caused Trent’s accident.”

Who was Trent Stewart

Trenton Stewart graduated from Creekside High School and played on the Stetson Hatters football team before passing away in a car accident on May 9th 2023, according to Stetson University Athletics page. Trent was described by family as being motivated, kind, brilliant, generous and compassionate individual; according to Robert Stewart (Trent’s father), all Trent wanted was to make the world better. Trent’s family continues to pay their respects as do students from Stetson University as they pay tribute and pray for his soul’s eternal restful rest. It truly saddens us that someone so young must leave us.

Trent Stewart

According to Trent’s accident report, Ariel Monteagudo was traveling in the wrong direction and struck him head-on, while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Following a thorough investigation conducted by law enforcement officials, no drugs, impaired vision or alcohol contributed to this collision; instead they believe he only had time to react moments before impact. Trent worked hard as a delivery person supporting his family with hard work while earning support through Coach Brian Young’s inspiring words of guidance and honor from Stetson community members. Unfortunately this will likely continue – updates as needed will come soon enough.

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