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Why was ABC 7 News’ Ken Rosato fired?



Why was ABC 7 News' Ken Rosato fired?

ABC 7 News Anchor Ken Rosato Was Dismissed From Position

Ken Rosato of ABC 7 News has been confirmed as having been fired by WABC. Although no official reasons have been given for Rosato’s termination have yet been provided by WABC, sources indicate he made inappropriate remarks while his microphone was still live and caused confusion on air and online platforms alike.

Rosato allegedly sent emails directly to WABC’s general manager which led to further rumors and subsequent firing rumors being spread on platforms across social media networks.

Why was ABC 7 News' Ken Rosato fired?

Rosato’s exact words remain unclear, yet people eagerly anticipate updates regarding this incident. Similar incidents have taken place before; two ABC anchors TJ Holmes and Army Robach were fired four months ago due to extramarital affairs that came to light during an extramarital affair investigation.

Why was ABC 7 News' Ken Rosato fired?

Why was ABC 7 News’ Ken Rosato fired?

As ABC confirmed that Rabach and Holmes‘ conversation regarding their relationship was productive, company policy remains in flux. Furthermore, Fox recently made headlines when Tucker Carlson was fired, yet no official reason has been provided as to why he was dismissed due to speculation and discussion on social media platforms such as Reddit.


Ken Rosato has recently made headlines after being terminated from ABC due to allegations that he made disparaging comments about their company before appearing on show and inappropriate remarks while his mic was active. News of Rosato’s termination made headlines, with many waiting patiently for further updates regarding Rosato.

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