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Why Was Aussie Arrested In Bali? Australian Man Arrested in Bali on Criminal Charges



Aussie Arrested In Bali

Aussie Arrested In Bali

Australian Man Arrested in Bali for Drunken Rampage

Bodhi Mani Risby-Jones has drawn the ire of Australians following a drunken rampage he engaged in while visiting Indonesia, leading to his arrest and subsequent incarceration. One Australian posted online after this event: “Bodhi Mani Risby-Jones should remain in Indonesia – he’s a disgrace to Australia”.

Risby-Jones, 23, hailing from Noosa was arrested and detained in Aceh Province of Indonesia where public canings are commonplace and could face up to 40 canings and five years jail sentence as punishment.

Rampage Causes Serious Injuries

Man Arrested in Bali for Drunken Rampage

Man Arrested in Bali for Drunken Rampage

Risby-Jones’ rampage caused serious harm to an unnamed individual and led residents of Simeulue Island in Sumatra to threaten to burn Moon Beach Resort where this happened. Alcohol played a role in this incident; therefore Sharia Law has been implemented and prohibiting both sales and consumption of alcoholic beverages in that province.


Risby-Jones indicated to media representatives during an interview that he was almost under the influence during a drunken incident at Lantik Moon Beach Resort on Simeulue Island off Sumatra’s western coast, Indonesia. Following this arrest by police in Aceh he was brought back into custody.

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