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With the Smell of Petrol, ‘Papa Ki Pari’ Has Lost His Slim Waist… Hi… Hi! But At the End of The Video the Game is Over Latest Update



Reeling on Bullet Bikes

Reeling on Bullet Bikes

Reeling on Bullet Bikes Has Been on the Rise, But Not All Stunts Prove Successful

“Patli Kamaria Mori… Hi… Hi!” has recently become popular and people are creating entertaining reels with this song. The song has gone viral online and can often be found playing at weddings and birthday parties, creating many amazing and funny reels along with its popularity. Most recently, one such reel made by one person recently went viral!

Instagram Viral Reels

Although bullet bike reeling craze is growing increasingly popular, not all stunts end successfully. One video depicted a girl dancing on her bullet bike to a particular song when something unexpected occurred which will cause her to consider reconsidering any daring stunt again.

Watch Here In this viral video, a girl can be seen sitting idly on her bullet bike, opening the petrol tank mindlessly for a whiff. Unfortunately, while moving and arching her back while dancing she lost her balance and fell straight down onto the ground causing it to spill from its container and spread across it all.

Viral Instagram Video Sparks Debate on Bullet Bike Stunts

@upendrakumar uploaded an Instagram video, which has since been watched by over 400,000 viewers. People shared their opinions in the comments section – some commenting about the potential dangers involved with performing stunts on a bullet bike.


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