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A Lifesaver For Heart Patients: One Injection Can Provide Protection Against Heart Attacks



Patient in Cardiology Kanpur suffered a sudden heart attack that could have been prevented with just one injection. Doctors believe this injection to be the only effective means of avoiding future attacks within 5-6 hours after initial symptoms present themselves, and have made this available across government hospitals and health centers throughout Uttar Pradesh so everyone can benefit.

Lifesaving Injection Saves 136, but 125 Succumb

Dr. Vinay Krishna, Director of Kanpur LPS Hospital’s Heart Institute, reported that this lifesaving injection had saved 136 people since its implementation nine days ago in Kanpur LPS Hospital; unfortunately 125 others succumbed.

Dr. Vinay Krishna described this injection as a third-generation carbonic agent which destroys any potential clots which cause heart attacks when administered within 6 hours after an attack has taken place.

Within 6 Hours of Suffering from a Heart Attack, Injection Takes Effect

Heart Attack

Effectiveness of this injection occurs within 24 hours following an attack, according to data compiled on 39 patients over 60 years of age who received this injection, 31 have recovered; 35 other such injections were given out, of which 31 recovered while four died from them.

Heart patients depend on this injection for relief during cold weather months. Doctors give out injections at LPS Institute accordingly based on patient weight; it doesn’t work more than six hours after an attack has started.

Due to the current weather, patients from 18 surrounding districts are visiting cardiologists more frequently, prompting senior physicians to perform additional duties.

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