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Who Will Get the Leadership of Rajasthan in 2023: Decision to Be Made in Bjp’s National Executive Meeting!




Who Will Get the Leadership of Rajasthan in 2023

Who Will Get the Leadership of Rajasthan in 2023

Congress remains peaceful as they prepare for assembly elections in Rajasthan while the BJP camp remains divided about who should become their chief ministerial candidate in 2023. This remains an intriguing political topic with no clear solution in sight. Bashundhara Raje is unofficially part of the BJP for some time. Satish Punia and Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat have also been mentioned as potential candidates.

Delhi BJP Leaders Rally Behind PM Modi for Elections

However, all Delhi BJP leaders – including state in-charges – have declared they will contest elections under PM Modi’s leadership and the lotus symbol. Latest reports indicate that the National Executive Meeting of BJP will take place from January 16-17 in Delhi and all prominent leaders including Prime Minister Modi, Amit Shah, JP Nadda and BL Santosh will attend. Bashundhara Raje, Satish Punia and Gajendra Singh Shekhawat from Rajasthan may also participate. It has been speculated that within one week from Delhi there could be a decision regarding who will lead their respective parties within their states.

End of BJP Internal Conflict

End of BJP Internal Conflict

According to reports, it is anticipated that the executive committee of BJP will announce their direction and strategy for the forthcoming elections in Rajasthan, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh. Particularly on Rajasthan.

Whoever fights the election under leadership may become evident as will its strategy – either devising strategies to calm angry leaders via election management committee, or running only with PM Modi as their face? A decision on this point will soon follow from their executive committee.

Race for CM Face Increases in Tenacity

People of Rajasthan have long been waiting to know who the BJP’s Chief Ministerial face in Rajasthan will be, with agitation increasing prior to the party executive meeting.

At a mass protest rally held by Alka Gurjar in Tonk, she made an appeal for Gajendra Singh Shekhawat as leader – which caused heated discussion.

Additionally, at an earlier meeting held at Jaipur Ambar by Rajendra Ratho he compared Satish Punia with Bhairan Singh Shekhawat as sons of the soil while Arjunram Meghwal described Punia as the Rising Sun; all this while Bashundhara Raje remained silent throughout.

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