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Trouble for Producers of ‘Ali Baba-Dastan-e-Kabul’ Over Negligence Allegations and Actress’s Death



The producers of ‘Ali Baba-Dastan-e-Kabul’ are now facing trouble after the cast of the show. The Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) sent notices to Alind Srivastava and Nisar Parvez, the producers of the show, alleging negligence. The notice claimed that the producers prioritized profits over taking care of actors and crew, citing the death of 20-year-old actress Tunisha Sharma on the set of the show.

Tunisha Sharma with Sheezan Khan

Tunisha Sharma with Sheezan

Tunisha Sharma

FWICE demanded strict action against the producers for the safety of all crew members. The agency alleged that the producers failed to provide a well-equipped ambulance on set and demanded an FIR against the duo. Reports also suggest that there were quarrels on set, and the producers were accused of only focusing on making money, resulting in the death of an actress.

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