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Cigarette smoking also damages your skin, Pigmentation risks are heightened



Damage Caused by Smoking to Skin

Side Effects of Smoking: Smoking cigarettes has become a widespread habit, affecting people of all ages. It poses serious health risks, such as lung disease and stroke. People may recognize the adverse consequences of smoking, yet still find it hard to abstain. Not only does smoking harm our bodies but it has many adverse side-effects on skin health as well; experts speculate it can even lead to premature wrinkles and thinned spots on its surface.

Side Effects of Smoking

Side Effects of Smoking

Anjali Mukherjee shared on her Instagram account how smoking can damage both skin and body, leading to early aging and making people appear older than they actually are.


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Smoking makes skin thinner

Studies have revealed that smokers tend to have skin that is 40% thinner than nonsmokers due to smoking, leading to early wrinkle formation and early signs of ageing.

Premature Aging

Premature Aging due to Smoking

Premature Aging due to Smoking

Smoking contributes to premature aging by depleting collagen levels – essential components that keep skin looking young and plump – as well as damaging elastin fibers that provide strength and elasticity to our skin, leading to rapid wrinkle formation.

Obesity Is Increased Due to Smoking

Obesity due to Smoking

Obesity due to Smoking

Smoking affects the endocrine system by altering hormone secretion patterns, altering overall body shape and increasing waist ratio.

Long-term smoking can discolor nails, yellow teeth, and cause bad breath.


Risk of Pigmentation on the Facial Structure

Pigmentation due to Smoking

Pigmentation due to Smoking

Smoking can lead to facial pigmentation by increasing melanin levels and creating black spots, with this discoloration spreading gradually across the face. Holding cigarettes too long between fingers increases nicotine and chemical exposure that stain the skin – and increases risk for finger infection.

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