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Aria Martin: The Woman Responsible For Mission Viejo Car Crash Rampage



Aria Martin, 33 years old and from Mission Viejo in California was arrested February 10 after she allegedly caused multiple car collisions at a parking lot and led the police on an extended chase on the 5 Freeway. Aria is suspected of being under the influence of drugs and faces multiple charges including assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism.
Here are some facts about Aria Martin and the incident which shocked the community:

The Parking Lot Chaos



On Thursday afternoon at around 1:30 pm on Chrisanta Drive near Charlotte Avenue in Brooklyn, Aria Martin drove her dark Nissan Rogue through an area known as Chrisanta Drive’s parking lot where at least 11 vehicles had been parked, repeatedly colliding into them causing significant damage while frightening both owners and bystanders.

Martin nearly struck several people trying to stop or avoid her, including Suha Sleibi who quickly exited her brand-new Honda as Martin approached.
Video footage captured and posted online of Martin’s rampage can be seen here; she can be seen accelerating and reversing her SUV while hitting cars without regard to people shouting and pleading with her to stop, then laughing during it, according to witnesses. Some witnesses claim she seemed intent on her behavior – some even stated she may have done it deliberately.

The Police Chase



After creating havoc in a parking lot, Aria Martin fled into oncoming traffic on southbound 5 Freeway.
Orange County Sheriff’s Department and California Highway Patrol pursued her erratically driving around cars as well as weaving through traffic at high speed on southbound freeway.
She was ultimately apprehended in a construction zone near San Juan Capistrano where police cars and officers with guns aimed at her surrounded her, taking no further actions against her and transporting her directly to a hospital for evaluation without incident or further injuries being reported as a result of this chase. No reports were received of injuries sustained as a result of this incident.

Charges and Bail



Aria Martin was booked into jail on charges of vandalism and assault with a deadly weapon. Additionally, she faces misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence of drugs and resisting arrest.
She stands accused of five charges of assault with a deadly weapon and 13 counts of vandalism – both felonies that could lead to up to 13 years behind bars if all counts are upheld. She was held under $25,000 bail until her next court date on February 14, 2012.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q-Who Is Aria Martin?

A-Aria Martin, 33 years old and originally from Mission Viejo in California was arrested after striking multiple cars both within a parking lot and on the freeway.

Q-Why did Aria Martin take this action?

A-Aria Martin’s actions remain unknown to authorities; however, they speculate she could have been under the influence of drugs at that time.

Q-How many cars did Aria Martin hit?

A-Aria Martin damaged at least 11 vehicles in the parking lot and more on the freeway, resulting in thousands of dollars worth of damages.

Q-Does Aria Martin remain behind bars?

A-No Aria Martin is currently held under a $25,000 bail and awaits her court appearance scheduled for February 14.

Q-What is Aria Martin’s Mugshot?

A-Aria Martin has yet to release her mugshot to the public.

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