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Octavia Spencer Husband: Know About Her Relationship Status



Octavia Spencer has earned great renown and respect within Hollywood as one of its premier actresses, featuring in films and television shows alike. She has won an Oscar, Golden Globe Award, BAFTA award and other trophies for her performances, but what about her personal life – married or not married and any children to speak of? Here are details regarding Octavia Spencer’s husband status and relationships status.

Octavia Spencer’s Relationship History



Octavia Spencer remains unmarried and childless, although she has been linked with several actors throughout her career; none of whom would become her spouse in due time. Here are some of those she has been linked.

Tate Taylor: Tate Taylor directed The Help, the film which won Octavia Spencer an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. They have known each other since 1995; in fact they shared an apartment together for seven years in Los Angeles; however they never romantically involved one another as Tate is openly gay and dating producer Todd Norris instead.

Tate Taylor

Tate Taylor

Josh Hopkins: Josh Hopkins is an actor best known for his roles on Cougar Town and Quantico. At the 2012 SAG Awards, Octavia Spencer brought Josh along as her date; sparking speculation of their potential romantic involvement; however they ultimately met through Tate Taylor due to both attending Auburn University.

Josh Hopkins

Josh Hopkins

Kevin Costner: Kevin Costner is an iconic actor and filmmaker best known for his co-starring role with Octavia Spencer in 2014 drama Black or White. However, some advertisements in 2021 claimed they were married despite only sharing professional relations.



As of 2023, Octavia Spencer remains single and unattached; no romantic partners have been publicly confirmed in recent years. Instead, her focus appears to be centered on both her career and family: she frequently posts photos of siblings and nieces on Instagram.

She has also expressed her views on marriage and motherhood in interviews. For instance, in 2017 she told People magazine that she did not dream of her wedding day and was “fine without it”. Additionally, she mentioned being open to adopting or fostering children as possible options despite not wanting biological offspring herself.



In 2020, she told Glamour UK that she was very satisfied with her life and did not need someone to complete it for her. Additionally, she noted that she wasn’t looking for anything at the moment and was content being herself.


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FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: Who is Octavia Spencer?

A: Octavia Spencer, an American actress known for roles in films such as The Help, Hidden Figures, The Shape of Water, Ma and Self Made.

Q: Does Octavia Spencer have any relationships?

A: No, Octavia Spencer is currently unmarried and has never been involved with anyone romantically.

Q: Does Octavia Spencer have any children?

A: Unfortunately, no. However, she has hinted that she might adopt or foster children in the future.

Q: Who is Octavia Spencer currently dating?

A: No one is currently dating Octavia Spencer; she’s currently single and content in life.

Q: How old is Octavia Spencer?

A: Octavia Spencer was born May 25th 1970 and currently stands 52 years old as of 2023.

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