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Chinese woman attempts suicide at Delhi airport, slits throat with blade in toilet | Latest News



Delhi Airport T-3

Delhi Airport T-3

At Delhi Airport Terminal-3, a Chinese woman attempted suicide.

Late Saturday evening at Indira Gandhi International Airport’s Terminal-3 terminal in Delhi, an unidentified 29-year-old Chinese woman attempted suicide by stabbing herself with two blades to cut nerves between both hands. Police brought her into hospital where doctors reported critical conditions; attempted suicide charges have since been lodged against her while investigations continue.

At Malaysia Airlines’ KL Airport Terminal 3 on its flight from Bahrain, a woman attempted suicide by cutting herself with razor-sharp blade. When interrogated by police she revealed she was going through hard times due to job loss and relationship breakdown which contributed to high stress levels.

Alertness Saved Her Life

After witnessing someone attempt suicide in the bathroom, another woman entered to use it herself and noticed what had occurred inside. A girl had earlier cut a vein which caused blood to flow; hearing what had transpired further distressed the young lady who attempted self-harm by stabbing herself with the blade she was using; police quickly arrived on scene to take her away to hospital in time to save her life.

First Aid at the Scene

Upon arriving on scene, police noticed a young girl bleeding profusely from both hands and throat. They quickly took steps to stop this bleeding before transporting her to hospital for additional medical assistance; doctors later confirmed this care by police that ultimately saved the young lady’s life.

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