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Clementine Jane Hawke: A Star Child Of Ethan Hawke And Ryan Shawhughes



Clementine Jane Hawke was born July 18, 2008 in New York City to Ethan Hawke (an actor, writer and director) and Ryan Shawhughes (an actress and producer). She is his third child overall and first born with Ryan; two older half-siblings from Ethan’s previous marriage with actress Uma Thurman as well as one younger sibling from their current union are included among Clementine’s four half siblings.

Celebrity Upbringing: Clementine Jane Hawke’s Life in the Limelight



Clementine Jane Hawke grew up surrounded by celebrities. Her father, Ethan Hawke, is a two-time Oscar nominee renowned for roles such as Dead Poets Society, Reality Bites, Before Sunrise Training Day Boyhood and The Good Lord Bird; while Ryan Shawhughes served as both mother and producer on projects such as The Hottest State Blaze First Reformed


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Clementine Jane Hawke pictured here with her parents and sister.



Clementine Hawke has two older half-siblings from her father’s first marriage with Uma Thurman: Maya Hawke is an actress known for roles on Stranger Things and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood; Levon Roan Thurman-Hawke works in modeling/actor roles. Clementine also has an younger half sister named Indiana Hawke born in 2011.

Clementine Jane Hawke with her half-siblings Maya and Levon.



Clementine has strong bonds with her parents and siblings, often accompanying them on various events and outings. Additionally, she enjoys spending time with extended family such as grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Personal Life and Interests (PH&I)

Personal Life and Interests (PH&I)

Personal Life and Interests (PH&I)

Clementine Jane Hawke prefers to keep her personal life out of the public spotlight and does not engage with social media platforms or official accounts; she prefers focusing on education and hobbies instead.

Clementine Jane Hawke can be seen here playing guitar .

Clementine Jane Hawke has an appreciation of art and music, preferring drawing, painting and playing musical instruments as hobbies. Additionally, Clementine enjoys animals and nature – she owns her very own pet dog named Nina!

Clementine Jane Hawke

Clementine Jane Hawke

Clementine Jane Hawke has not announced her future plans, though they could include following in her parents’ footsteps and entering the entertainment industry or choosing another path that suits her interests and passions.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q- What is Clementine Jane Hawke’s age?

A-Clementine Jane Hawke will turn 14 years old this year.

Q-What is Clementine Jane Hawke’s Net Worth?

A-Clementine Jane Hawke does not yet have a net worth; however, her father Ethan Hawke reportedly had an estimated estimated net worth of $55 Million as of 2021.

Q-Who are Clementine Jane Hawke’s Parents?

A-Clementine Jane Hawke was born to Ethan Hawke and Ryan Shawhughes, both actors and producers.

Q-Who Are Clementine Jane Hawke’s Siblings?

A-Clementine Jane Hawke has three siblings. Her older half-siblings come from her father’s previous marriage to Uma Thurman: Maya Hawke and Levon Roan Thurman-Hawke. Additionally, Clementine now has one younger sibling from their current union called Indiana Hawke.

Q-Where does Clementine Jane Hawke live?

A-Clementine Jane Hawke resides with her parents and sister in New York City.

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