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Tracy Brown Bering: The Complex Life And Tragic Fate Of Jodi Arias’ Prison Friend



Tracy Brown Bering was a former inmate who befriended Jodi Arias, the notorious murderer of Travis Alexander. Tracy married Donavan Bering who was another cellmate with Jodi. Tracy’s life and death have become the subject of intense scrutiny since a message proclaiming, “In loving memory of Tracy Brown Bering”, appeared at the end of Lifetime’s movie “Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias”. Here is what we know about Tracy Brown Bering.

Who Was Tracy Brown Bering?



Tracy Brown was Yolanda Ducharme’s youngest child. Tracy was her “baby girl”, as one of four. While imprisoned on charges of kidnapping in Phoenix’s Estrella Jail for approximately five months, Jodi Arias became friends with Tracy; over this period of time Jodi even tattooed Tracy six times, leaving one that bore his signature — something Tracy later regretted.

Tracy-Brown-Bering-and -Jodi-Arias

Tracy-Brown-Bering-and -Jodi-Arias

Tracy met Donavan Bering at Estrella Jail while serving time for accessory to arson; they fell in love and got married later that year with Jodi officiating their ceremony. However, Jodi also used sexuality and manipulation against their relationship; once performing a striptease for Donavan and often refusing to leave when Tracy wanted some privacy.

How Did Tracy Brown Bering Die?



Tracy Brown Bering died by suicide in December 2022, as reported by Understanding Crime via Facebook. Yolanda Ducharme had noted her struggle with depression; according to Yolanda she felt helpless against it and “couldn’t fix her”.

Understanding Crime reports Tracy’s mother saying, “Tracy, I miss and love you. Depression stole you away from us; I try my best but am uncertain that I ever will understand.” Eventually she added, “I love you baby girl; may your soul rest peacefully and always and forever you will hold a place in my heart.”



Yolanda Ducharme shared on her Facebook account on Sunday, December 4th 2022 the tragic news that her daughter Tracy had passed away earlier that day and asked those who knew or knew of Tracy to pray for their family. Since then the post has received numerous comments offering condolences.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q. Who Was Tracy Brown Bering?

A-Tracy Brown Bering was an inmate who became close with Jodi Arias while they both resided at a prison facility. Additionally, Tracy is married to Donavan Bering – another cellmate of Jodi’s.

Q: How did Tracy Brown Bering pass away?

A-Tracy Brown Bering took her own life in December 2022 due to depression.

Q: How is Tracy Brown Bering related to Jodi Arias?

A-Tracy Brown Bering met Jodi Arias at Estrella Jail in Phoenix, Arizona where they shared a cell for five months. Over that time, they formed a strong friendship – even inviting Jodi to tattoo Tracy six times using her sexuality! Jodi even officiated Tracy’s wedding to Donavan Bering later that year! However, Jodi attempted to manipulate and interfere in their relationship using sexuality alone as leverage against Tracy.

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