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Corona: Immunity Is Affected By The Lockdown, Increasing Incidence Of Infectious Diseases



Corona: Immunity Is Affected By The Lockdown

Easing Restrictions for Christmas Celebrations

As we head into the Christmas season, there are reasons to be hopeful. While Covid is still around, vaccines and treatments are keeping it under control. We can now prepare for Christmas festivities, theater productions, and New Year’s Eve parties without the same level of restrictions as last year.

However, returning to normal life also means a higher risk of winter diseases that we haven’t seen in the past two years due to reduced contact with others.

Surge in Respiratory Illnesses in Northern Hemisphere

Corona: Immunity Is Affected By The Lockdown

Northern Hemisphere countries like the US and UK are currently experiencing a surge in cases of influenza, RSV, and the common cold in addition to Covid. This puts a strain on the healthcare system as more people require hospitalization.

Some people attribute this phenomenon to the social distancing measures that were in place earlier, which may have damaged immunity by preventing exposure to seasonal viruses. However, this idea is controversial and lacks sufficient evidence to support it.

Importance of Continued Vigilance

Corona: Immunity Is Affected By The Lockdown

Despite progress in controlling Covid, we need to remain vigilant and take precautions to prevent respiratory diseases. In the UK, more people are falling ill before Christmas this year than last year. While lockdowns and restrictions are no longer in place, we still need guidance on how to stay safe.

The World Health Organization offers Covid-related guidelines, but the challenge is distinguishing Covid symptoms from those of other respiratory illnesses. The symptoms of the new variant are less distinct and often resemble those of the common cold and flu. To be safe, we should get a Covid test if in doubt.

Steps to Take for Personal Safety

Corona: Immunity Is Affected By The Lockdown

To stay safe this Christmas, we suggest a “hierarchy of safety” inspired by workplace safety models. This model has five levels of protection against hazards, such as respiratory viruses.

We can take steps like avoiding close contact with infected individuals, minimizing contact with medically vulnerable people, meeting outdoors if possible, keeping indoor spaces well-ventilated, avoiding physical contact like hugs and handshakes, and wearing masks and maintaining hand hygiene.

By adopting these measures, we can minimize the spread of respiratory diseases and keep ourselves and others safe during the holiday season.

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