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China Censored This Media Report, Actor Mourns the Loss of His Beloved Mother



China Censored This Media Report

China Censored This Media Report

China Has Been Concealing Death Toll on State-Run News Portal

China has attempted to conceal the true death toll caused by COVID-19’s pandemic by concealing its true death count; hospitals are overburdened without sufficient resources, leading to many excruciating deaths for many people. Sixth Tone published an article challenging death statistics but was quickly pulled due to government censorship.

This online article initially referenced the death of a Chinese celebrity’s mother due to COVID-19, emphasizing how vulnerable elderly can be. Yet despite mounting evidence of its severity in China, official sources still report relatively low numbers relating to COVID. For instance, according to China’s National Health Commission there were no COVID related deaths reported as of December 22nd; instead only 3761 individuals had contracted it that day.

China Refuses to Disclose Impact of COVID-19

China Censored This Media Report

Experts speculate that China’s actual infection and mortality numbers could far outstrip what government reports show. One estimate estimates that approximately one million individuals across China are being infected daily while thousands die as a result of COVID-19 infection; Chinese health officials speculate that up to 800 million could come under its spell within months.

China Censored This Media Report

The World Health Organization expresses grave concern at China’s refusal to disclose the true effects of COVID-19. Hospitals throughout China are struggling to keep up with an overwhelming surge in critically ill patients that has led to overcrowding and shortage of necessary medical supplies; reports even exist of piles of dead bodies as this situation worsens further.

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