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Stress Is Bad For Your Health: Identify And Eliminate It.





Tips for Reducing Stress

Today’s hectic world can lead many people to struggle with stress, which can harm the body in various ways and ultimately result in broken health. When stress impacts the brain, one’s mental wellbeing may also deteriorate significantly. Since pandemic has spread globally, everyone faces some form of strain – some stress is necessary but too much of it can lead to both mental and physical health problems.

Recognizing Symptoms of Stress

Stressful situations often go undetected in our everyday lives. Life events that trigger major changes such as switching jobs or grieving for loved ones who have died can all add up and contribute to feelings of anxiety or being unable to adjust to new changes that arise in one’s own life.

Long-Term Effects of Stress

 Effects Of Stress

Effects Of Stress

Dr. Rajkumar states that stress can come in both short- and long-term forms. Short-term stress may manifest itself through symptoms like decreased sleep or altered eating patterns; long-term stress could potentially cause serious mental health deterioration as well as mood swings, addiction or suicidal thoughts.

Impact of Corona Epidemic

Impact of stress in  Corona Epidemic

Impact of stress in Corona Epidemic

Pandemic has brought on an increase in anxiety and depression among individuals without obvious causes. Stress has an immense negative impact on body systems; therefore it is crucial that we find effective methods of relieving it.

How to Reduce Stress with WHO Recommendations



The World Health Organization (WHO) offers multiple ways to reduce stress.

  • Get at least 8 hours of quality sleep each night; this helps your body rejuvenate itself and mitigate stress-related side effects.
  • Develop regular sleep patterns by going to bed and rising at the same time each day.
  • Establish a quiet sleeping environment.
  • Remove electronic devices from the bedroom and refrain from overeating, caffeine consumption and alcohol before bedtime.
  • Make time for physical activity daily so as to ease sleep better at night
  • exercise daily if you can
  • follow a healthy diet
  • try yoga and meditation as ways of relaxing

Reducing stress is integral to maintaining both mental and physical wellness – something which becomes especially crucial during difficult times like these.

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