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Croix Kyles: Cedric the Entertainer’s son



Croix Kyles is the son of celebrated American actor and comedian Cedric the Entertainer, best known for his roles in movies like Barbershop, The Original Kings of Comedy, and Madagascar. Croix was born September 30, 2000 to Lorna Wells (Cedric’s wife), an established costume designer in her own right within the entertainment industry. Croix also has one biological sister in Lucky Rose Kyles as well as two half-sisters named Tiara Soria Kyles and Tinkyflonz Kyles.

Croix’s Early Life and Career Path

Croix’s Kyles: Early Life and Career Path

Croix was raised in an entertainer family and displayed an interest in acting from an early age. As a child actor on TV Land’s soul series The Soul Man from 2012 to 2016, as well as voice acting for animated TV movies Jingle All the Way and Jingle & Bell’s Christmas Star in 2011 and 2012 respectively, he initially pursued acting professionally but has subsequently kept a low media profile and career path since.

Croix’s Hobbies and Interests

Croix Kyles: Cedric the Entertainer’s son

Croix can be found active on Instagram under the handle @c.r.o.i.x where he regularly shares posts of his travels, hobbies and friends. He has visited countries like Japan, Spain, Portugal and Germany while exploring various cultures and cuisines. Croix also shares photos of street art/graffiti on his account2. Additionally, Croix enjoys fishing trips with Cedric; on April 2021 Cedric posted an adorable post featuring them fishing together that was captioned with: “Little Father and son time on the water”.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: Age Of Croix Kyles By Croix Kyles.

A: Croix Kyles will turn 22 years old in 2022.

Q: Who are Croix Kyles’ parents?

A: Croix Kyles’ parents are Cedric the Entertainer and Lorna Wells.

Q: What do they do for a living?

A: Croix Kyles has not revealed any information regarding his current occupation or educational status.

Q: Does Croix Kyles have any siblings?

A: Croix Kyles has three sisters; Lucky Rose Kyles (her biological sister) and two half-sisters named Tiara Soria Kyles and Tinkyflonz Kyles.

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