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Daej and His Sister: A Tale of Love and Sacrifice



Daej lives in a small village in South Korea with his younger sister Minji who is two years his junior. They share everything and he would do anything possible to protect her.

How Daej and Minji Lost Their Parents

Daej and Manji

Daej and Manji

Daej and Minji were only six and four when both their parents died in a car accident caused by an impaired driver while traveling from Seoul to visit their grandparents. Both children survived but lost both parents; consequently they were placed into an orphanage, in hopes that as adults they may find new families of their own.

How Daej and Minji Found Their New Home

Daej and Minji both spent two years living at an orphanage, which neither found enjoyable. Both felt alone and scared during this transition period of change.

One day, an American couple visited an orphanage hoping to adopt Daej and Minji from Korea as children of their own. When they saw both children they fell instantly in love and decided to adopt and bring both back home together to New York where they lived happily ever after.

Daej and Minji were overjoyed to finally have found the families they desired; packing their bags and saying their farewells at the orphanage before embarking on their plane ride to America with their adoptive parents.

How Daej and Minji Have Adjusted to Their New Lives

Daej and Minji encountered many difficulties as refugees in South Korea, from learning a foreign language and culture, attending new schools, making friends there as well as racism and bullying due to grieving over losing both parents and leaving home permanently.

Daej and Minji were always there for each other during these tough times, helping with homework, teaching one another English and Korean words, comforting when one felt homesick or sad, as well as bonding with their new parents who loved and treated them as though they were their own children.

Daej and Minji quickly settled into their lives in America. They quickly learned English fluency, excelled academically at school, joined clubs and sports teams, made many friends – not forgetting to celebrate their Korean heritage with holiday celebrations, cooking food from Korea, listening to Korean music videos, watching Korean films!

How Daej Helped Save His Sister’s Life

Daej and Minji were 12 when they received news of her leukemia diagnosis and bone marrow transplant need. Although doctors searched for donors matching Minji’s blood type, no such donors could be found.

Daej agreed to undergo tests as a potential donor and found himself an ideal match with her needs, agreeing to donate his bone marrow in order to save her life.

Minji was successful with her transplant. Her body accepted Daej’s bone marrow and began producing healthy blood cells, helping her overcome her illness and enter remission.

Daej was widely celebrated by his family, friends, teachers and doctors as a hero for saving both his sister’s and himself by using medical expertise to save both lives. This gave him immense pleasure as she meant more to him than anything in this world.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q.JM and Daej are real people and live together.

A: No, these characters were created solely for this article.

Q: Why did the couple adopt both Daej and Minji?

A: The couple wanted to ensure that the siblings remained together and give them a loving home environment.

Q: How has Daej managed to learn English so quickly?♥

A: He studied diligently, watched movies and TV shows, read books and magazines, listened to podcasts and music, practiced speaking with family and friends and attended public speaking courses.

Q: Which Korean holidays do Daej and Minji celebrate?

A: Koreans celebrate several holidays such as Lunar New Year (Seollal), Children’s Day (Eorininal), Thanksgiving (Chuseok), Independence Day (Gwangbokjeol), Hangul Day (Hangeulnal) etc.

Q: Are There Risks Associated With Bone Marrow Donation?

A: It depends

Q: Each donation poses its own set of potential risks that should be carefully assessed prior to proceeding with it.

A: Potential risks of bone marrow donation include infections, bleeding, pain, fatigue and allergic reactions.

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