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Leslie Jordan’s Relationships: A Look at the Late Actor’s Love Life



Leslie Jordan, an Emmy-winning actor, comedian, and social media star was found dead on October 24th 2022 at age 67. He was best known for his roles on shows such as Will & Grace”,The Cool Kids“,Call Me Kat”, as well as his popular pandemic Instagram videos that brought much-needed humor and relief to many. He was also an openly gay icon who spoke candidly about his struggles and joys of being himself.

But who were the people that Leslie Jordan loved and dated? Here is a look at his secretive and sometimes surprising love life.

Leslie Jordan was not married but had a long-term partner

Lelsie Jordan

Lelsie Jordan

Leslie Jordan did not have a husband and was unmarried at the time of his death. He was openly gay but did not share much information about his dating life. Though, some sources claimed that he was in a long-term relationship with a man whose is unknown.

According to Genius Celebs, Leslie Jordan’s partner was Danny Thomason, a writer and producer who worked with him on several projects. The couple reportedly met in 2008 and stayed together until Jordan’s death. They were not married but shared a home in Los Angeles.

Leslie Jordan once recalled a time when he had a partner propose to him after just three days. He told Gay Times magazine in 2017: “He flew to LA three days before I left for London.”After three days he asked me to marry him and I agreed. As an experiment I decided to travel for 30 days before returning and seeing what would happen after my return.’

The couple did not marry, but Leslie Jordan treasured the bond he had with this partner. “It was this connection,” Jordan said. “We tried to have sex about 10 times but we couldn’t because we’d keep talking.

Leslie Jordan dated several men but never went on a date

Leslie Jordan was fairly secretive about his love life, opening up about his experiences with different partners but concealing their identities. In a February 2022 interview with Pride Source, Leslie said that his boyfriend was helping him become more receptive to compliments. “My boyfriend constantly says to me, ‘When someone compliments you, you compliment them back,'” Jordan said. “And I said, ‘No, no, I’m too busy.’ But he’ll say, ‘Own it.’ I’m working on that.'”

Jordan did not reveal the boyfriend’s identity or post his photo on social media. The relationship started after Jordan’s 2021 interview with Andy Cohen, in which he stated he was content being single.

Leslie also revealed he’d never been on a date: “I have never been on a date. Like, where you come pick me up and take me somewhere. My generation, we didn’t do that. There were a lot of bars. You headed out, you went here, and you went there. But, I don’t remember ever going on a date.”

Leslie Jordan had a Southern Baptist upbringing that didn’t tolerate homosexuality. Before Jordan came out, his father noted the boy had effeminate qualities, so he sent him to an all-boys summer camp one year. Jordan’s father died in a plane crash when he was 11.

Leslie Jordan came out as gay as a young man but struggled to embrace his sexuality. He battled with alcoholism and sobriety helped him come to terms with his sexuality. “I’m a happy person but when you grow up with a secret … there’s a lot of inner turmoil,” he told Page Six in April 2021. “I wouldn’t change anything for having gone through that because it’s made me the person I am today.”

Leslie Jordan joked about marrying Max Greenfield

Leslie Jordan and Max Greenfield

Leslie Jordan and Max Greenfield

Leslie Jordan wasn’t married, but he had a sense of humor about it. In late October 2021, Jordan jokingly proposed to Max Greenfield, who’s straight and married to casting director Tess Sanchez.

Jordan wrote on Instagram : “I jokingly asked @iammaxgreenfield to marry me and he said, ‘I am straight and already married.’ But, he didn’t say no. On second thought, I don’t want to be a home-wrecker.

Jordan and Greenfield were co-stars on “The Cool Kids” and remained friends after the show ended. Greenfield paid tribute to Jordan after his death, writing on Instagram: “I love you Leslie. You were one of the greats.”


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FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: Was Leslie Jordan married?

A: No, Leslie Jordan was not married at the time of his death.

Q: Who was Leslie Jordan’s partner?

A: Leslie Jordan’s partner was Danny Thomason, a writer and producer who worked with him on several projects.

Q: How did Leslie Jordan die?

A: Leslie Jordan died in a car crash on October 24, 2022. He suffered a medical emergency before or after the collision.

Q: How old was Leslie Jordan when he died?

A: Leslie Jordan was 67 years old when he died.

Q: What was Leslie Jordan famous for?

A: Leslie Jordan was famous for his roles in shows like “Will & Grace”, “The Cool Kids” and “Call Me Kat”, as well as his hilarious and heartfelt Instagram videos during the pandemic.

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