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Did Bill Nye Go to Jail? The Truth About Bill Nye’s Alleged Arrest and Criminal Activities



Bill Nye is best known as Bill Nye the Science Guy; an esteemed science educator and television personality he hosted the PBS show of that name from 1990-1998.
As an environmentalist and climate scientist renowned for promoting education on climate science issues.

Social media posts have circulated rumors that Bill Nye had been arrested and sent to jail, accused of manufacturing and selling illegal drugs, trespassing at Planned Parenthood clinics or perpetrating sexual assaults.

Rumor of Bill Nye’s Drug Arrest

Bill Nye

Bill Nye

One persistent rumor about Bill Nye’s arrest has been that he was caught making and selling illegal drugs out of his basement, similar to Breaking Bad. This first started to circulate when Huzlers published an imaginary news piece entitled: “Bill Nye the Science Guy Arrested for Manufacturing and Selling Illegal Drugs”

This article reports that FBI agents raided Bill Nye’s Los Angeles home and discovered “$6 Million, 13 Illegal Firearms, 121 Pounds of Marijuana, 2 Gallons of LSD and 63 Pounds of Crystallized Methamphetamine.” A mock FBI Agent quoted in this piece stated they had seen enough episodes of Breaking Bad to understand what would be expected during such raids.

Huzlers is an entertainment website known for posting humorous posts about celebrities, hip hop music and urban entertainment. Unfortunately, some readers took it very seriously and shared them across social media as though they were real news reports.

Rumors regarding Bill Nye resurfaced once again in 2019 when Twitter users began using the hashtag FreeBillNye as either an attack against or support of him as an alleged drug dealer. But contrary to popular belief, no evidence shows any illegal drug dealing activities; rather this claim was spread through satirical articles.

Rumor of Trespass Arrest

Rumors surrounding Bill Nye’s arrest include claims he may be facing charges of trespassing at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Washington DC. This claim appears to come from ElitesMindset website which published an article entitled, “Why Did Bill Nye Go to Jail?”

Bill Nye was arrested for criminal trespass on March 26, 2018, when he entered a Planned Parenthood clinic without permission and attempted to film a documentary without authorisation. Following posting $10,000 bail he was eventually released.

ElitesMindset is an untrustworthy website which publishes low-quality articles about health, lifestyle, entertainment, and sports without providing sources or evidence to back its claims – often mixing facts with fiction. Therefore, this article cannot be trusted or relied upon as accurate.

As far as is known, Bill Nye has never been arrested or charged with trespassing at any Planned Parenthood clinics; indeed he has expressed support of their services through public statements and interviews. Therefore this rumor is false and is based on unverifiable websites.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: Did Bill Nye go to jail?

A: No, Bill Nye did not go to jail. All reports about his arrest have been exaggerated or falsified from unverifiable websites and are false leads.

Q: Has Bill Nye manufactured or distributed illegal drugs?

A: No, Bill Nye does not manufacture or sell illegal drugs. This rumor first surfaced through Huzlers website back in 2014 and later by some Twitter users in 2019.

Q: Has Bill Nye ever committed any acts of trespass at a Planned Parenthood clinic?

A: No, Bill Nye did not trespass at a Planned Parenthood clinic as reported by ElitesMindset without providing evidence or sources. This false story spread by this low-quality website was made up without sources.

Q: Has Bill Nye ever been accused of sexual assaults?

A: No, Bill Nye has not committed any sexual assaults as claimed by ElitesMindset without providing proof.

Q: Is Bill Nye still alive?

Bill Nye remains active as an educator and advocate in areas such as climate change, space exploration and science literacy.

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