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Debunking PopularMMOs’ Recent Arrest: An In-Depth Analysis and Overview



PopularMMOs’ Recent Arrest: Recently, there have been reports of PopularMMOs’ (Patrick Thomas Pat Julianelle) arrest on YouTube. His fans and followers are curious as to whether these claims are valid; thus this article’s aim is to provide a thorough account of his arrest as well as dispel rumors and answer pressing queries regarding it.

What Is PopularMMOs? Patrick Thomas Pat Julianelle, better known by his stage name PopularMMOs on YouTube, has amassed an enormous following through his entertaining vlogs and Minecraft videos. Due to being such a prominent figure online, news about PopularMMOs often spreads quickly – leading to various rumors and speculations surrounding his life and appearances on social media.

The Arrest: Fact or Fiction?

Fact Check: Is PopularMMOs Arrested Again? Rumour Trending On Social Media | Gossipheadlines

PopularMMOs’ Recent Arrest

Contrary to popular rumor, PopularMMOs was not arrested recently but was taken into custody in November 2022 in relation to a pitch invasion at a Jacksonville Jaguars game at TIAA Bank Field involving him and two friends – Ethan Davies and Michael Richmond. They documented their stunt for YouTube purposes which led to their eventual arrests.

Court Proceedings and Charges

PopularMMOs Arrested for Domestic Abuse | Court Proceedings and Charges | Gossipheadlines

Following their arrest, PopularMMOs and his friends appeared in court the next day for review of their actions, with the judge criticizing what she considered their stupid actions to have been. PopularMMOs was present, along with Ethan Davies and Michael Richmond who faced charges related to pitch invasion: Ethan faced criminal mischief charges as well as breach of peace violations; while Michael received additional drug-related allegations.


While recent rumors regarding PopularMMOs’ arrest are inaccurate, he was indeed arrested in November 2022 for pitch invading at TIAA Bank Field. To ensure fans and followers receive accurate and reliable sources of information that won’t spread misinformation further. Our article hopes to have dispelled any confusion surrounding PopularMMOs’ arrest while providing an in-depth overview of his situation. Michael is also encountering drug charges. Stay tuned to this website Gossipheadlines for more details.

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