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Did Beluga YouTuber Die? Debunking False Death Rumors Surrounding Beluga’s Fate



Did Beluga Youtuber Die: Recently, speculations circulated online suggesting that popular American YouTuber Beluga may have passed away, prompting his followers and fans to speculate as to his true fate. Due to all these conflicting rumors pertaining to Beluga’s death and career details. this article seeks to address these rumors while providing some clarity.

Who Is Beluga? mes Beluga, an American YouTuber best known for his Discord Skit channel on his name alone and, more recently, for uploading memes and YouTube shorts under his second account called Beluga Jr. His main focus has been creating short Discord-related and speed-run meme videos; yet in an unexpected turn of events his second YouTube account outshone Lucid Dreaming’s popularity!

Beluga first posted his primary YouTube channel on January 27th 2017, and by 2023 had amassed over 4 Million subscribers. Despite his surging popularity, however, Beluga kept both his face and name secret until recently when he posted “Beluga Face Reveal”, in which he revealed both (Aretz as his real name, as seen here), as well as shared an image that shows who Aretz really is (see image attached to this article).

Rumors of Death: Are They True or False?

Did Beluga YouTuber Die?

The story that set off an internet uproar was the false claim that Beluga had passed away, however upon further examination no legitimate sources have confirmed these reports; without solid information to back them up it became evident that death rumors were unsubstantiated and were therefore unwarranted.

Though lacking credible sources, some individuals continue to believe false reports about Beluga’s supposed death. One way of verifying his existence would be checking recent activity on social media platforms which can give more of an idea about where he stands now.


Unfortunately, reports claiming Beluga’s death are baseless and completely without foundation. With no reliable sources supporting these allegations, fans and followers of this YouTuber should approach such news with extreme skepticism in order to seek reliable sources. As it stands today, Beluga remains active and influential presence both on YouTube and social media.

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