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Exposing Martin Cabello’s Reported Death and its Persistence Online



Recently, social media platforms have been buzzing with reports that Martin Cabello, an acclaimed American social media influencer and vlogger, had died. This story traveled swiftly among his fans and followers and generated shockwaves on numerous platforms, leaving many perplexed and wondering whether this report is true. We provide all the facts regarding Martin’s personal life as well as any truth to back it up in this article.

martin cabello on mask

Martin Cabello Wear Mask

Martin Cabello was born November 29th 1977 in the United States and began his social media influencer and YouTuber/vlogger career on November 29, 2016. Since 2016, his content mainly focuses on fitness, religion and mental health topics – garnering him an estimated net worth of 1 Million USD from paid content on his social media platforms alone. Married since 2014 and living in South Hill in Washington State with wife Heather Cabello; Martin began his social media journey back then as well.

martin cabello drinking

Martin Cabello Drinking

Debunking Rumors: Is Martin Cabello Dead or Alive?

Contrary to online rumors, Martin Cabello is alive and doing well despite reports indicating his death. While openly sharing his struggles with various conditions such as autism, synesthesia, OCD, Asperger’s syndrome, Savant syndrome and mental health issues he has made clear that none of them pose life-threatening threats and is committed to managing his own healthcare through proper treatment plans and care plans.

Hoax Source

It appears as though someone spreading reports of Martin’s death for personal gain used the internet as an arena to do this, often creating unnecessary panic and worry among his loved ones. Concern for Martin was compounded by his absence from social media: He deleted Instagram in 2022 and hasn’t posted on TikTok since. Regardless, Martin remains alive and living happily with his family despite speculations of death on the web and an extended social media hiatus.

martin cabello instagram account

Martin Cabello’s Instagram Account


The reports of Martin Cabello’s death is nothing more than malicious misinformation spreading. While such misinformation can be upsetting, it serves as a valuable lesson on verifying news before sharing online. Martin is still alive and well today – continuing to inspire many with his content and strength through health struggles.

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