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Joe Westerman’s Viral Video: Rugby Star Apologizes Amid Scandal



Joe Westerman has made headlines recently due to a video featuring him going viral online. People have taken to watching this clip on platforms like Twitter and Reddit, creating quite the stir among sports enthusiasts.

Joe Westerman

Joe Westerman

What Does the Viral Video Offer?

An internet video of Joe Westerman having sex with someone other than his wife has caused controversy. Westerman plays for Castleford Tigers and has received international acclaim for his playing skills on the pitch; however, since its leak onto social media he has come under heavy criticism due to this footage which shows him engaging in intersexual relations with another woman who isn’t his spouse – something Westerman himself acknowledged at its release only exacerbated further by his confirmation as being seen engaging in these affairs with another woman that wasn’t his wife – sparking off this scandalous scandal!

Public Apology and Club’s Response

Joe Westerman took to social media on Sunday night and showed his identification withinside the express video released last month, issuing an official apology to both his family and friends for his involvement in this scandal. Westerman is married father of three and took to the platform to express his sorrow over having participated in it; the video depicts rugby player Westerman engaging in sexual acts with a woman at an alleyway location.

Castleford Tigers assisted Westerman in investigating this matter and in issuing his apology, issuing a statement by him which read, “Firstly, I would like to use this opportunity to apologize wholeheartedly to my family and friends as well as Castleford Tigers supporters, sponsors, staff, directors and my teammates for my actions.” Additionally Westerman acknowledged a need to improve his alcohol related decision-making processes.

Castleford Tigers responded swiftly, fining Westerman and compelling him to do community service teaching children about alcohol’s risks, while also teaching people the perils of using social media when under public scrutiny.

Westerman’s Wife Offers Clarification on Her Husband

Due to Joe Westerman’s viral video, his wife Lauren Westerman became an object of speculation among many viewers, some believing she may be seen in it as well. Lauren insists the video is not her: “Let me make this absolutely clear that this woman in this video is NOT me,” she said on social media.
Our family includes three children including one nearly 15 year old who does not need to see these things out on social media!”

Before Westerman issued his public apology, Castleford Tigers released an initial statement acknowledging their awareness of a video featuring one of their players circulating online. They said they would address this internally and not comment more. Westerman rejoined Castleford Tigers after having spent time at Hull, Toronto, Warrington and Wakefield respectively.


Joe Westerman’s viral video has generated considerable social media discussion and public scrutiny. Since his actions, Westerman has issued an apology and his club, the Castleford Tigers, has taken disciplinary measures. While his actions caused some personal upset for himself and his family, they serve as a stark reminder of potential negative repercussions from poor decision-making on social media and potential risks associated with its use.

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