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Debunking Rumors: Is Cheryl Scott Leaving Chicago?



Debunking Rumors: Cheryl Scott, an actress, influencer and meteorologist known for her weather forecasting abilities has recently been the focus of speculation that she may leave Chicago. This article offers a thorough examination of these rumors to see whether they hold truth or falsity – read further for the complete story on Cheryl’s supposed departure from Windy City!

Cheyl Scott

Cheyl Scott

Are Cheryl Scott and family departing Chicago?

Cheryl Scott has been an esteemed meteorologist in Chicago for more than a decade, beginning her career at NBC 5 for five years before transitioning to ABC 7. Scott provides morning and midday weather forecasts to Chicago residents while holding a degree from Northern Illinois University and appearing on popular reality series like The Apprentice.

Real Name Cheryl Scott
Birthday 29 January 1985
Birthplace New Jersey, U.S
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Meteorologist and Geologist
Dating/Boyfriend Dante Deiana (engaged)
Married/Husband No
Net Worth $1 million
Parents Marie Picciano Scott
Siblings Brian and Kevin

Are You Cheryl Scott Traveling Abroad?

Is Cheryl Scott engaged? Know her relationship status here

Cheryl Scott is well known for her success in business as well as her penchant for travel and her affinity for her pup, Charlie. Whenever possible, Scott embarks on exotic vacations whenever her work schedule allows. Recently, however, Scott was seen departing Chicago via airport leaving Chicago; prompting rumors she might leave permanently or just celebrate her birthday there instead. However, Scott later clarified via Instagram that this was just temporary.

Cheryl is actively engaged in various social activities and attends social events with her fiance, often attending together. Her gentle, humble, and sensitive personality has earned her numerous admirers who were delighted when she served on the American Red Cross Board of Directors. Most recently she served as co-host of a reality show before her absence during its final episode on January 11, 2023 caused further speculation.

Debunking Rumors

Sources have confirmed that Cheryl Scott did not leave Chicago permanently when she took leave due to illness and needed time to recuperate, contrary to reports circulating online. Scott prioritizes her health over marriage as some reports have claimed, with her primary focus still remaining her career and reaching new heights professionally.


Cheryl Scott remains committed to her career as a meteorologist, work with the American Red Cross, reality show co-hosting duties, and other endeavors; fans can rest assured she will return soon due to illness and continue being an active and valued member of Chicago community.

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