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Digital Lok Adalat will repeat history, Rajasthan and Maharashtra witnessed over one crore cases



First Digital Lok Adalat to Take Place on November 12, 2022: An Upcoming Lok Adalat will take place on this date.

Indian Judicial Technology Corporation (JUSTEC) has achieved a historic achievement, successfully registering over one crore cases across Rajasthan and Maharashtra states since July 2022 – setting an all-new registration record! Digital Lok Adalat, designed and developed by JUSTEC since July, has already registered over one crore cases between November 11-2022 alone in Rajasthan and Maharashtra states alone!

Jupitis is proud to provide technical support.

Jupitis provided technical support during the inaugural Lok Adalat held on August 13, 2022 using its Digital Lok Adalat platform, with states settling a record-setting amount of Rs 857 crores; Jupitis is expected to surpass this figure in future Digital Lok Adalat events.

Cases Registered in Digital People’s Court

AI Powered Digital Lok Adalat

AI Powered Digital Lok Adalat

As part of the upcoming Digital Lok Adalat, over 80 lakh cases including pre-litigation and challan registrations in Rajasthan and Maharashtra have been registered, with disputes including recovery of funds, payment of electricity bills, telecom disputes and bank cases registered as disputes.

Rajasthan and Maharashtra together contain 568 benches for public seating.

Rajasthan and Maharashtra’s inaugural Digital Lok Adalat consisted of 568 benches that registered 1,354,432 cases; 1,116,193 of these cases were resolved pre-litigation stage. Maharashtra’s Digital Lok Adalat registered an impressive total of 63.99983 traffic challan cases of which 58.10.712 cases were successfully resolved on the platform.

Jupitis Led Digital Transformation of Lok Adalat to Advance Justice for All

Lok Adalat

Lok Adalat

After the success of Jupitis’ initial Digital Lok Adalat, Rajasthan State Legal Services Authority (RSLSA) joined Jupitis for their next Lok Adalat. Member Secretary Dinesh Kumar Gupta reported that digitization has led to record case registration and administration ease. Raman Aggarwal, founder and CEO of Jupitis, expressed his delight about working together with Rajasthan and Maharashtra Legal Services Authorities while spearheading their Nyaya Ghar Ghar project (delivering justice at every citizen’s doorstep). Jupitis will collaborate with additional states for People’s Court.

Lok Adalat: Making Justice More Accessible for All

Lok Adalat has long been one of the most effective ways of providing justice to all. Now with digital transformation, Lok Adalat has become more accessible, efficient, and ergonomic for all parties involved – and its success as the first digital Lok Adalat demonstrated both increased access to justice as well as eased justice across India.


Jupitis, the world’s inaugural Justice Technology (JUSTEC) company, has designed and developed Digital Lok Adalat as part of their next-generation “Justice Technology Platform” aiming to modernise global justice systems by making their ecosystem accessible, cost-effective, transparent, accountable, equitable and secure.

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