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Why is Sofia Kiani, the youngest climate activist to attend COP-27, being trolled? Latest Update



Sopia Kiani

Sopia Kiani

Sophia Kiani,garners attention amid Greta Thunberg’s absence

Sweden’s iconic young climate activist, Greta Thunberg, was notably absent from the World Leaders Summit of COP-27 (COP27) in Egypt. However, 20-year-old Sophia Kiani, the youngest climate activist attending the conference and the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Advisor, gained attention by walking alongside top political figures and talking about the impact of young people on the outcome at COP27. According to BBC, Kiani expressed how youth has become a stronger force more than ever before in UN climate conferences.


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Unfortunately, Kiani was trolled online about her outfit and advised to dress modestly, which was considered unprofessional by some. Nevertheless, supporters rose up for Kiani, pointing out that she was actively studying climate science and public policy at Stanford, one of the top universities globally, and that she could wear nice clothes while being an adviser to the head of the United Nations. Despite the hate, Kiani remained dignified and kept her composure, continuing to inspire people worldwide.

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