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Thieves stole $120 million worth of diamonds in a museum in Germany,Police Successfully managed to recover



German Police Recovered the Most Stolen Jewelry From Historic Art Collection in Dresden

Robbers stole jewelry valued at approximately $120 million from a museum in Germany last year, however most of it has since been recovered by German police. Items stolen included one covered with 4,300 diamonds from Europe’s largest art collection at Dresden Palace which will soon be sent for testing before finally being examined by experts from Dresden State Art Collection before finally being displayed within a museum.

Historic Art in Germany

Historic Art in Germany

Suspects involved in the night raid at Green Vault Museum in Dresden may be members of Remo Group, an organized crime network in Germany. Following trial of six suspects in this case, an arrest has been made regarding this theft related to Augustus the Strong, ruler of Saxony at that time (1723).

Similar Incidents

100 kg worth $4 Million of coin

100 kg worth $4 Million of coin

The recent theft from Dresden Museum was just one of several museum theft incidents across Germany recently. Last November, thieves broke into a Bavaria museum and stole several million euros’ worth of ancient gold coins; two years later a court in Berlin found three men guilty of stealing 100 kg worth $4 Million of coins from another Berlin museum.

Conclusion: Thieves’ Plan

Police in Germany

Police in Germany

German police believe the robbery was carried out by well-planned and professional thieves. Media reports state that the thieves set fire to the circuit breaker panel as a tactic for entry to the museum; this caused power cuts around it which allowed the thieves to gain entry and collect millions in gold coins in one go.

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