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F1 Michael Schumacher Today: What We Know So Far?



Michael Schumacher needs no introduction as one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers ever. He amassed seven world championships and 91 Grand Prix wins over his legendary career, but since suffering a fatal ski accident in 2013, many are keenly awaiting news regarding his health status.

f1 michael schumacher today

Fans have long been curious to know whether Michael Schumacher is still alive and how his health is progressing, prompting Eddie Jordan, an F1 driver from years prior, to offer some insight on Michael’s current wellbeing and to offer further updates regarding Eddie Jordan’s comments about Michael Schumacher’s health status

Michael Schumacher was severely injured while skiing with his son in France’s French Alps on December 13, hitting his head against a rock and going into a coma for several months before receiving multiple surgeries and rehabilitation programs – with occasional updates from family, but no details regarding his health remain known.

Jean Todt Provides Update

f1 michael schumacher today

Last year, former Ferrari boss Jean Todt provided an update on Michael Schumacher’s health in an interview with Radio Monte-Carlo. He stated that Michael was doing as well as possible and his family had come around him; however, no specific details on his health condition were shared by Todt.

Eddie Jordan recently provided an update on Michael Schumacher’s health

During an interview with a news outlet. According to Jordan, Michael’s condition had taken its toll on Mick Schumacher – Michael’s son who lost his seat for Nico Hulkenberg in 2023 Formula 1. Jordan stated his opinion privately but said, “my guess is Mick showed elating compassion toward his father when the season wasn’t going well for him – which ultimately resulted in being dropped for someone else and that’s obviously been difficult”. Jordan’s comments suggest that Michael remains concerned and has had its affects upon family members.

Eddie Jordan remains hopeful about Michael Schumacher’s future despite the lack of updates regarding his health, believing that Michael still has one last fight left and will make a comeback. Jordan expressed his affection for Michael by giving him his first chance in Spa, even though it lasted only briefly; furthermore stating his affection will always exist as long as Michael can breathe freely.

Michael Schumacher has been at the center of global concern ever since his tragic ski accident in 2013. Unfortunately, his family have kept details about his health private which only adds fuel to fan’s curiosity. Recently Eddie Jordan provided an update regarding Michael’s condition which indicated it still poses a worry to family and has had an effectful effect.

Nonetheless, Jordan remains hopeful and believes Michael still has one last fight left in him; in any event Michael Schumacher will always remain one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time.

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