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Ryan Waller Documentary: A Controversial Lawsuit and Its Aftermath



Ryan Waller’s lawsuit has attracted considerable attention, leaving many curious to learn more. Here we examine Ryan’s life story, the tragic incident that caused lasting harm and how this ultimately resulted in him filing a suit against San Francisco Police Department.

Fatal Night of Home Invasion

Ryan Waller

Ryan Waller

Ryan Waller and Heather Quan were shot during a home invasion in Phoenix, Arizona in December 2006. Police investigating the scene suspected Ryan of possibly being responsible for Heather’s death; as such he was taken in for questioning which delayed medical care access for Ryan. Ryan had been in a relationship with Heather for eight months; living together along with another roommate named Alicia.

Background on Ryan Waller and Heather Quan

Ryan Waller

At the time of his tragic incident, Ryan had just graduated high school while Heather Quan attended college in Phoenix. With roommate Alicia they all lived in Phoenix together. Two years after this tragic event occurred, Ryan filed a $15 Million lawsuit against San Francisco Police Department due to damages he sustained as well as delay in receiving medical care due to police interrogation.

Outcome of Lawsuit Against Police Department

Ryan Waller

Ryan Waller’s lawsuit was quickly dismissed three weeks after its filing; the court determined that police had not violated his rights or forcibly restrained him, thus postponing trial. Although city assessments indicated that delay in treatment did not worsen Ryan’s injuries, family and brain surgeons challenged this conclusion; one surgeon reported bleeding and swelling which could cause catastrophic harm; accusations of corruption surfaced, suggesting police officers or officials might have had some role in dismissing Waller’s suit to prevent it going his way.


Ryan Waller was 18 at the time, yet found himself being mistreated and accused by authorities as an aggressor rather than victim in a 2006 home invasion that resulted in Heather Quan’s tragic death and severely injuring Waller himself. Although there were complaints of improper investigation and lack of justice for victims in this case, Heather Quan’s family were left without answers after their loved one didn’t make it to Christmas celebration after being fatally shot; one suspect, Richie was eventually arrested while Larry managed to flee California before eventually being captured later on by police after managing to escape with murder weapon before eventually being captured before eventually apprehend by law enforcement agents in California before eventually being apprehend by law enforcement authorities there and arrested shortly afterwards.

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