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Hoichoi: The Eken Ruddhaswas Rajasthan Movie Review, Ratings, Cast, Plot



The Eken Ruddhaswas

The Eken Ruddhaswas

Ruddhaswas Rajasthan – An Unexpected Journey Into Comedy and Mystery

The Eken: Ruddhaswas Rajasthan was released to great fanfare on Friday, April 14th 2023 in Bengali cinematic form. This film forms part two of The Eken, which has garnered significant popularity throughout Bengal. Here is our movie review including all its strengths and shortcomings.

The Eken Ruddhaswas : The Plot

The Eken Ruddhaswas Rajasthani Movie

The Eken Ruddhaswas Rajasthani Movie

Eken Babu discovers a missing idol in London and sets out on an investigation, following clues and using observation skills he learns more difficult tasks than expected. The trailer of The Eken: Ruddhaswas Rajasthan shows Eken Babu’s epic journey as he sets out on this quest to solve its mystery.

Movie Review

Ruddhaswas Rajasthan

Ruddhaswas Rajasthan

Eken: Ruddhaswas Rajasthan is an intriguing blend of comedy and mystery that thrives largely thanks to its Bengali comedy element and Anirban Chakrabarti’s exceptional performance as the lead. However, its first half lacked thrill as its punchlines were already revealed in its trailer; script was predictable yet enjoyable thanks to Eken, Promotho, and Bapi who add some personality and heartiness.

The second half of the film truly shines, with Anirban’s comic relief and humorous antics winning over audiences across India. Beautiful drone shots capture Rajasthan’s breath-taking desert landscapes while camel riding scenes bring them all home.

The Hits

  • Bengali comedy touch
  • Anirban Chakrabarti’s power-packed performance
  • Beautifully shot desert landscapes of Rajasthan
  • Good and satisfying characters of Eken, Promotho, and Bapi

The Misses

  • Predictable script
  • Lack of thrill in the beginning
  • Lesser roles for Suhotra and Somak
  • Weaker portrayal of supporting characters
  • Bapi and Promotho’s friendship could have been explored more

Overall, The Eken: Ruddhaswas Rajasthan is a decent watch that manages to strike the right balance between comedy and mystery. While it has its setbacks, Anirban Chakrabarti’s performance and the beauty of Rajasthan make it worth a watch.

The Eken Ruddhaswas cast

The Eken Ruddhaswas cast

Movie Details:

  • Genre: Comedy, Mystery
  • Language: Bengali
  • Duration: 121 minutes

Current audience reaction has been outstanding and it would make an ideal watch if you enjoy Bengali comedy.

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