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Will Bosi Burden Of Dreams: First Reiteration of ‘Burden of Dreams 9A



Will Bosi Burden Of Dreams

Will Bosi Burden Of Dreams

Burden of Dreams V17’s Second Ascent is According to Will Bosi

On April 12th, Will Bosi made headlines for climbing Nalle Hukkataival’s Burden of Dream, V17. Bosi said it represented a substantial step up from any problem he’d done before and was immediately one of many contenders, such as Daniel Woods, Shawn Raboutou, Aiden Roberts, Giuliano Cameroni, Toru Nakajima (all climbers with multiple boulders graded V16 or harder), to ascend Burden of Dreams before Bosi was successful with his second ascent attempt in April 2016.

His progress on Burden of Dream has been closely tracked over time; Bosi has since become one of many sought-after second ascents throughout history – his climb has become one of its more sought-after second ascents ever seen over recent weeks since October 2016’s FA.

Bosi’s Climbing Triumphs: V14 Flashes, Ascents & Burden of Dreams

Bosi has amassed an impressive list of achievements over the last year, such as three V14 flashes, first ascent of Honey Badger and third ascent of Shawn Raboutou’s Alphane. By far his longest climbing problem to date is Burden of Dreams which took 24 days – 10 sessions on a 3D-scanned replica at Lattice Headquarters Sheffield UK followed by 14 on actual problem itself – but Burden of Dreams won by far!

Dreams Are Hard Work to Achieve

Will Bosi Burden Of Dreams

Bosi asserted that bouldering presented him with his greatest challenge yet. It took double the time needed for Alphane. Bosi first attempted the real boulder live-streamed on March 16 and performed all five moves within 25 minutes on his first try, nearly nailing the crux move on his first go while doing all five in roughly 25 minutes – an encouraging sign.

But despite these promising efforts he still needed 13 additional climbing days before linking them together; there are multiple factors which make this boulder hard to actually send.

Skin and Tape Issues in an Emergency Situation

Will Bosi Burden Of Dreams

Bosi split a tip during his second session, and continued to do so during all five. When climbing with tape, but Bosi quickly discovered that small crystal-studded crimps required both friction and precision so the tape made things very difficult indeed.


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By the time he gave send goes he found that his skin could only tolerate three good attempts per session before needing rest days for healing purposes. Over time Bosi gained confidence that Burden was different than any of the previous boulders he’d attempted; eventually all factors combined together and it wasn’t so difficult after all – in fact.

What Bosi’s Ascent Means for Him

Will Bosi Burden Of Dreams

According to, his ascent meant so much because he never imagined climbing such an ambitious boulder wall; I learned more than expected and am looking forward to finding more BoDs in future adventures.

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