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Who Is Kraiodeuser On Twitter? Fotos Vazadas Da Autópsia De Marília Mendonça Twitter | Latest Updates



Who Is Kraiodeuser On Twitter

Who Is Kraiodeuser On Twitter

Family of Marilia Mendonca Plead with Attorney after Autopsy Photos Released

Family of deceased singer Marilia Mendonca have filed an official appeal, alleging that shocking images leaked during her autopsy at IML violated criminal statute.

Since Marilia Mendonca’s autopsy photos were leaked online, a controversy has arisen. People are asking how her autopsy photos came to be leaked; many questions have been posed to us regarding this incident; we will cover this subject thoroughly hereinafter – read this news article thoroughly to understand what transpired before scrolling down the page to the conclusion!

Who Was Marilia Mendonca?

Who Is Kraiodeuser On Twitter

Marilia Mendonca was a country singer who enjoyed a successful career until she tragically perished in a plane crash on November 20, 2021 at only 26 years of age.

As it was a tragic accident, authorities conducted the autopsy; however, things quickly escalated when two leaked autopsy pictures of singer Marilia Mendonca became public knowledge.

Marilia Mendonca’s family issued a note of disapproval as this act constitutes a criminal act under the Penal Code Their note read, in part: “We are all outraged to learn of something of this nature existing and people being able to share such content freely with one another.

Robson Cunha, Marilia’s attorney is already communicating with authorities to take all measures possible to punish those responsible and urges everyone not to share it further.

” They added: “Here we implore everyone not share such material; rather we implore and implore everyone not to share such material with others as it will likely harm lives as well.

Here we implore not only ask but implore all people not share but refrain from sharing anything similar – let this material will continue.”

Her family urged people not to spread her image and informed that appropriate steps have been taken by Marilia’s legal team. Her legal team stated: “We recognize the desire of fans or non-fans alike of Marilia Mendonca to raise the image of her broad smile, her incredible voice and unique figure; but please report and not share such content as we count on everyone here for further updates and details.” Stay tuned with this website for further details and updates.


The autopsy leak incident surrounding Marilia Mendonca has caused outrage and concern among her fans and the general public.

It serves as a stark reminder of the need to protect privacy and respect for both deceased persons and their families after death, so we hope authorities take swift steps against those responsible and avoid similar occurrences in future.

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