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Jess And Norma This Morning Interview Video Trending Across Social Media Platforms



Jess And Norma This Morning Interview Video

Jess And Norma This Morning Interview Video

Craig Doyle and Josie Gibson hosted an ITV daytime display that attracted a sizeable morning audience on Friday (April 14th), where some unfortunate issues surfaced during one segment of their show.

TikTok Grans and Granddaughters Interviewed

Jess And Norma This Morning Interview Video

Josie and Craig ended their week hosting a display that served as a precursor for Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield’s return next week. They were joined by two TikTok Grans whose dance videos have gone viral and amassed millions of likes, Emily with Anne being present while Norma connected through video link from Nottinghamshire with Jess (Norma’s granddaughter).

 Norma Discussed Her Teething Issues during Her Interview

Norma and Jess, known for their internet fame, had a difficult start to their morning appearance. When the 80-year-old “grandflueencer,” who did not wear her hearing aid during an interview segment, experienced repeated landline rings during it she became distressed. One of the production team eventually disconnected it but Norma still was not able to hear the questions asked at the start.

Twitter Split Among Performance Benchmarks

Jess And Norma This Morning Interview Video

Norma and Jess were in good spirits during their interview, speaking openly about their surprising rise to online stardom. “I’ve gotten some incredible feedback and messages, and it’s been heartwarming talking to people all over the world.

I never expected this at all,” Norma said. However, their performance on Twitter divided audiences, with some finding the first half hour “painful” while others felt embarrassed for those participating; others found their segment “adorable”, offering support for their hilarious videos made by these women.

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