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How did Alex Street die? As The Colour Sergeant Drowned Intoxicated In A Ditch, Tributes Pour In.





Alex Street’s Death Causes An Uproar Online

Alex Street’s body was discovered after he had been missing for some time, prompting many to speculate as to his cause of death. Sympathy has been extended to his family as the news gained widespread coverage on social media; numerous users are sharing it and creating various hypotheses regarding its cause of death.

Cause of Death

Each year, The Inkerman Company Charity Dinner brings together instructors and cadets from military units to raise funds for charitable causes. Veteran Alex Street of Afghan War fame joined this year’s dinner but surprised many by drinking for eight consecutive hours despite not typically being considered an excessive drinker.

An argument between Street and an officer cadet over leading men in combat quickly devolved into physical altercations; Street was leaning forward and pointing at his chest causing further friction that resulted in him having to leave the event.



As Street failed to return home after attending the Inkerman Company Charity Dinner, his wife became alarmed. In order to reach him, she placed nearly 40 calls to his mobile phone attempting to reach him and was unaware of what had occurred at this event.

After the discovery of Street’s body, a Service Inquiry report detailed his time at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst before leaving at 2 AM and falling into a 4-foot deep stream while trying to relieve himself. Although search teams combed for him for 38 hours after this incident took place.

At the inquiry, it was discovered that Street’s colleagues did not report him missing for fear of getting him into trouble, leading them to presume he fell headfirst into a stream on academy grounds before becoming disorientated and drowning. Therefore, measures must be implemented to encourage reporting as well as provide the support required in responding to such incidents.

Street’s sudden and tragic death has devastated his family and colleagues alike. Many of his peers and superiors speak highly of him for his contributions to military life; his loss will certainly leave an empty space within military communities that won’t soon be filled by anyone.

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