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Beau Mann’s Net Worth ? | Missing CEO Found Dead | Shocking News



Beau Mann's Net Worth

As Beau Mann, CEO of Stable Sober Living app, has recently passed away, the internet has been abuzz with stories regarding him as both an individual and his net worth and circumstances surrounding his passing. We provide all available details herein on Beau.

Beau Mann Disappearance Investigation

Beau Mann's Net Worth

After nearly 18 months of being missing, Beau Mann’s remains were finally located in Los Angeles. His hunt for 39-year-old CEO Jason Abate and social media raised awareness of this case. When his bones were discovered at an abandoned property outside Los Angeles – leading to many questions. Continue reading below for more on Beau’s mysterious disappearance and tragic demise.

Beau Mann’s Promising Career

Beau Mann's Net Worth

Beau Mann was an accomplished digital entrepreneur and founder/CEO of Sober Grid, an innovative health app which connects those in recovery to each other for mutual support and care. Through Sober Grid, Mann created his startup with an aim of offering addiction therapy as well as mental health services to those experiencing recovery. Despite the tragedy of his passing away, Beau had an exceptional professional career.

Beau Mann’s own struggles with mental illness inspired his passion to make recovery and mental health care accessible and affordable to all. Although his pre-death net worth remains unknown, Mann likely made significant earnings through IT profession and Sober Grid – which was established in 2015.

Sober Grid launched as the first digital application providing 24/7 online international community for those in recovery; its release was in 2016 and continues today, upholding Beau’s goal of providing affordable mental healthcare access.

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