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Is Paul Ansell Arrested Again? Users On Tiktok Thinks He’s In Prison



Paul Ansell

Paul Ansell

Netizens Are Suspicious of Arrest of Paul Ansell

Rumors of Paul Ansell’s arrest have been making rounds online, leaving many confused as they speculate if it is true or not. With everyone searching for Paul, questions regarding his location and potential involvement in a crime have arisen. Additionally, last month when his wife Nicola Bulley went missing while walking their dog led to further speculation that Paul may have been taken in for questioning by police. To alleviate any confusion in this story’s essential details we provide herein below.

Has Paul Ansell Been Arrested Again?

Paul Ansell

Paul Ansell

Rumors surrounding Paul Ansell’s arrest first surfaced after his interview with Dan Walker. When asked to account for his behavior and demeanor surrounding his wife’s disappearance, Paul Ansell responded “I’m 100% convinced it’s not the river – people don’t just vanish into thin air”. These remarks have caused further speculation regarding Paul Ansell’s possible involvement in Nicola Bulley’s demise, who disappeared in Lancashire several months prior and have yet to be found.



Dan Walker of 5 News interviewed Paul Ansell regarding his missing wife. During this interview, Ansell expressed his emotional struggles over recent weeks while keeping all avenues of inquiry open regarding her disappearance. Ansell specifically mentioned how alert they had always been regarding any assumptions being made without proof. His gut instinct led him to suspect her sisters or home as possible culprits – however this wasn’t confirmed during their discussion with Dan Walker.

Nicola Bulley vanished on January 27th 2023 around 9:20 am near Garstang Road near the river, before dropping her daughters off at school. A body was recently discovered in the river but has yet to be verified as being that of Nicola.

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