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How Did John Malecela Son William Malecela die? Tanzanian PM Son Died



William Malecela

William Malecela, Former Tanzanian Prime Minister John Malecela’s Son died

Recent news regarding William Malecela, son of former Tanzanian Prime Minister John Malecela and one of John’s two sons, is making waves online. Everyone seems curious to find out more about his life and circumstances surrounding his untimely demise.

Before delving deeper into this ongoing story, let us briefly take a moment to introduce John Malecela – Tanzania’s Prime Minister from November 1990 to December 1994. Born April 19, 1934 in Buigiri Chamwino District Dodoma.

William Malecela: Life Journey

William Malecela

He has been an active member of CCM Central Committee and served as Vice-Chairman from 1995 – 2007 of CCM Central Committee. John is one of Tanzania’s most experienced politicians having attended Tokyo International Conference for African Development held October 1993 with his team.

John Malecela tried in 1995 and 2005 to win his party’s nomination for president; unfortunately he did not succeed. Although John missed his chance at presidential office, his legacy lives on through William “Lemutuz” Malecela who continues his father’s work.

William Malecela life journey

Anne Kilango Malecela, William’s stepmother and representative for Same East (CCM) in parliament confirmed his death today to Mwananchi and revealed that William was a well-known blogger; owning both Lemutuz website and online television channels.

Kinjekitile Kingunge announced that William will be laid to rest either Wednesday or Thursday in Dodoma. When asked for potential reasons of William’s death, Kingunge mentioned his cardiac issues; despite these being present for some time now he had been healthy until last night when feeling unwell again and was brought directly to Mnazi Mmoja hospital nearby where his death took place.

John Malecela dead

Remembering William Malecela

This article presents a brief history of John Malecela, former Tanzanian Prime Minister, and his accomplished son William Malecela. William’s death has left his family, friends, and followers mourning his absence; our condolences go out to their mourning family at this difficult time and wish them peace and healing during this sad time.

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