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SCANDAL 15 May 2023 Full Episode Updates: Vuvu encounters a charming man





What to Expect in the May 15, 2023 Episode

Scandal remains one of the most beloved TV series around, enjoying top TRP ratings and boasting a dedicated fanbase. Viewers eagerly anticipate each new episode after last one left plenty of unanswered questions and mysteries unresolved – here is what we know about its May 15th premiere episode!

A Brief Overview of Scandal



Ochre Moving Pictures’ Scandal, which was shown on, has quickly become one of the most-watched and beloved shows in South Africa.

Upcoming Scandal Episode



Scandal fans should brace themselves for an epic episode next week when viewers will witness Vuvu interact with Tlhogi – who might just be worth getting to know better – only for her desperate request not being granted, leaving Vuvu feeling both disgruntled and disappointed.

Fans of Scandal won’t want to miss this installment. Keep an eye out for updates and tune in when it airs on!

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