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How different is Deepika’s look in Pathan’s ‘Beshram Rang’ trailer? | Latest Update



Deepika in Pathan

Deepika in Pathan

New Trailer of Pathan Released – What are the Changes in Deepika’s Look?

The highly-anticipated trailer of Shahrukh Khan’s Pathan has finally been released. Everyone was eagerly waiting to see Deepika Padukone’s look in the new trailer. Many were left speculating whether the new trailer would be able to live up to people’s expectations after the recent controversy surrounding the film’s song, Beshram Rang. So, what changes have been made to Deepika’s look in the new trailer? Let’s take a look.

How is Deepika’s Getup in the New Trailer?

The new trailer of Pathan has been receiving millions of views in just a few hours. Deepika’s overall look has changed significantly compared to her look in the film’s controversial ‘Beshram Rang’ song. In the trailer, she sports short hair and a tight-fitting dress which she pairs with a yellow-colored bikini. Interestingly, she also wears the infamous saffron bikini from the song. However, there is a slight twist…

What Has Changed After Censor Board Instructions?

Deepika's New Look

Deepika’s New Look

There isn’t much difference between Deepika’s outfit in the song and the new trailer. She is still seen wearing a saffron-colored bikini wrap, but there are color differences in the wrap-around bikini. The bikini that Deepika wore in the song was completely orange, but in the new trailer, the top of the bikini is white. These changes were likely made based on the Censor Board’s instructions.

Deepika’s Outfit is Less Controversial in the Trailer

Deepika’s bikini outfit from the song Beshram Rong caused quite a lot of controversy. The new trailer, however, takes special care not to reveal too much of the outfit and avoid any potential controversy.

What About the Pathan Trailer?

The Pathan trailer is undoubtedly action-packed, with Shah Rukh Khan doing amazing stunts. It is clear from the trailer that extensive VFX has been used. The trailer also gives hints about all the characters in the film, and fans are hoping that the film will prove to be an entertaining blockbuster when it releases on January 25, 2023.


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